Keeping Kids Well Adjusted

by Justin Phillips, D.C.

Many people don’t realize this but children, yes even infants, need chiropractic care just as much as adults……..maybe even more so.

A common question I am asked by patients is, “How did my spine get this bad?” The answer is either from an injury/trauma, or more commonly developed over time through your daily habits and routines. As adults, our bodies have been through a lifetime of daily routines and difficult positions that create issues in the spine. The spine gets misaligned, muscles then develop tension, nerves are compressed, and then we start to feel daily pains. These issues are correctable through chiropractic care, but what about preventing these issues from developing by taking care of the body as its growing? Keeping your child’s spine routinely adjusted and in correct alignment can both prevent future problems as well as correct current issues.

From the day we are born, our muscles and ligaments need to be developing around a straight spine. The birth process can be very traumatic for infants and they often need to have their spines checked to make sure they are perfectly aligned. As kids are growing, they are also falling causing numerous bumps and bruises. For this reason, regular checkups are necessary to prevent further issues.

Also, very commonly, children deal with recurring issues such as ear infections, constipation, intestinal gas, and difficulties sleeping. Every nerve exits the spine and not only runs directly to muscles of the body, but also control every organ in the body. Therefore, these issues can all be helped and/or corrected simply by allowing the nerves of the body to function at 100%.

Chiropractic care for infants/toddlers/children is different from that of adults. Below I have listed some the differences in their care:

CHILDREN                                                                     ADULTS

very GENTLE adjustment                                              adjustment style DEPENDS on the patient

bones move EASILY                                                        bones MAY be difficult to move if prolonged tension

issues are QUICKLY resolved                                       issues may take weeks-to-months to completely resolve

maintenance care typically 1x/3-6 mos                   maintenance care typically 1x/month

So you see, while the style of care and frequency is different for young children than that of adults, it is equally important in order to both resolve current issues and, more importantly, prevent future issues from developing.

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